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The supportive and enriching environment of Meriden's Senior School promotes involvement, empowerment, discovery and independence.  Girls are encouraged to become independent thinkers, take responsibility for their actions and for their learning and to develop emotional resilience.

Meriden’s philosophy puts strong emphasis on finding individual pathways of learning for each girl.  The curriculum is rich and diverse and is designed to give each girl the opportunity to discover and nurture her individual skills and talents.

Meriden has two highly successful programs in place to support students during important stages in their education. The Step Up to Year 7 program helps girls negotiate the transition from Junior to Senior School and ensures they are supported and challenged during this crucial developmental stage. 

Meriden’s Passport to Senior Studies program aims to prepare girls well for the demands of Years 11 and 12 and encourages them to think ahead about their life after school.

An emphasis on developing the values and skills needed to actively lead and make a positive contribution to the community is integrated throughout all areas of school life at Meriden.  Together with building leadership skills appropriate to their age, students are given opportunities and guidance in putting their knowledge into practice.  Meriden students take on leadership roles as Class Officers, Sports Team Captains, executive members of cocurricular groups, House Officers and Prefects.  Specialist leadership training is given at appropriate points with an emphasis on each girl’s future role as a leader in the community.  Meriden girls learn that an individual really can make a positive difference in the world.

Throughout their time at Meriden, girls are supported by a network of dedicated teachers who are always available to listen, advise, inspire and assist.  Each student is treated with respect and individuality is celebrated.

Opportunities for self-expression abound at Meriden.  Ambitions are nurtured and students are encouraged to express their creativity and discover their talents.  The school is just the right size to be able to offer a comprehensive range of programs and cocurricular activities, while being small enough to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate and explore her interests.

All students are encouraged to be part of Meriden’s tradition of excellence in music.  The school’s orchestras, choirs, ensembles and concert bands compete and excel in local and international competitions.

Dramatic skills are fostered through performing arts programs and girls have the opportunity to participate front or back stage in school productions.

The school has an outstanding record of sporting achievement and all students have the opportunity to participate in sports of their choice, with some students participating at state, national and international level.