English Language Learning

Meriden offers a supportive environment for students from non-English speaking backgrounds while they develop their confidence in speaking English and improve their proficiency in the language.

All students at Meriden are encouraged to speak English inside and outside the classroom. Immersion in the language gives them the opportunity to hear every-day English spoken by both native and non-native speakers. They are motivated to participate in class discussions and learn how to express their own ideas in English.

Support for Junior School students through the English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is offered according to need to students whose first language or main language is not English.

EAL is an intervention program that addresses specific language needs, helping students to become competent enough in English to take an effective part in mainstream Australian social and educational activities. The program is scaffolded with grammatical and vocabulary intensive learning experiences in reading and responding, writing and oral interaction. The program design ensures that these learning experiences are linked to all curriculum areas and builds on students linguistic and cultural identities in order to foster their confidence and motivation.