Year 5/6 Music Class

Meriden has a proud history of excellence in music. Music education has been a component of the Meriden curriculum for many years and the musical cocurricular programs in both the Junior and Senior Schools are highly-regarded. Meriden’s musicians perform at local, state, national and international concerts and competitions. Many students go on to gain musical qualifications in one or more instruments.

To meet the needs of the high number of musically-talented girls at Meriden, a specialist music class has been introduced in the Junior School. It takes the form of a composite 5/6 class which, by virtue of the girls’ existing knowledge and the focus of the class, provides opportunity for the development of advanced musical concepts and shared experiences. The members of this class show considerable ability and interest in music as well as being academically able; they are able to work independently and cooperatively.

Admission to the Years 5/6 Music Class is by application and audition. Click here for further information and an application form.