Learning Support

Individuals learn in different ways, at different rates and utilise different skills and capabilities. At Meriden it is recognised that each girl's pathway in learning is different, and in the case of students who have learning difficulties, this may require modified or differentiated learning experiences to ensure that their needs are being met.

No two individuals are alike. Each student's needs, her strengths and weaknesses are different. Meriden offers a comprehensive Learning Support program to girls with learning difficulties within a nurturing and supportive environment. Each girl is encouraged to reach her potential within an integrated program as a member of the whole school community.

The model of support for girls with learning difficulties combines the best of existing pedagogy and practice. Students are, in the main, integrated within the year group. At the same time, they are ability-grouped into smaller classes conducive to effective learning according to their needs. Students study the same mainstream subjects as their peers but the modification of teaching programs is more easily achieved within the smaller and separate groupings for less able girls.

Independent Learning Skills

The Independent Learning Skills elective was introduced to the timetable at Years 8, 9 and 10 in order to assist students to keep up with the demands of the secondary senior curriculum. The academic demands on students these days are great and the increasing popularity of coaching colleges bears witness to the fact that both parents and students are anxious to ensure children do not 'fall behind' or fail to grasp key concepts of what is being taught at school.

Meriden’s Independent Learning Skills course goes beyond other tutoring or coaching schemes. Students are given additional support with subjects being studied at school by teachers who work closely with the student's own subject teachers. This support is given during timetabled lessons, in a small, supportive group environment with a specialist support teacher.