Girls’ biomedical hub design wins VR challenge

30 January 2020

Meriden girls have placed first in the virtual reality category and second overall in the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Space in Schools Competition, where they were required to design a company that builds biomedical hubs on Mars.

Angela Lei, Sophie Massey, Ivy Ngo Nguyen, Esther Wu, and Liyang Yu spent four months preparing for the Medtronic Bennelong STEM Challenge. As a team, they designed a company; created a marketing plan; researched Mars, medical facilities and human needs for existing on Mars, then; designed and created a twenty-five square metre biomedical hub in Sketchup in 3D.

The competition day included a formal presentation, a trade display presentation and a virtual reality walk-through presentation of their biomedical hub. During the virtual reality presentation in which they gained a first-place ranking, the students were quizzed on various design decisions and were required to justify the practicality of their choices in relation to Mars’ environment. The girls were eloquent, prepared and represented Meriden proudly. Congratulations!