Meriden girls succeed in planning their own enterprise

15 October 2018

Four Year 10 students from Meriden have been awarded second place in the Plan Your Own Enterprise (POYE) competition. The team of Alicia Molesworth, Paris Koic, Tiffany Linggoputro and Isabella Fang was named the runner-up in the New South Wales competition at a special presentation held on 11 October 2018.

POYE is coordinated by the Business Educators Australasia Inc. and requires students to present a creative idea for a small business in the form of a business plan. Its aim is to encourage students to apply their business education to a real life scenario. Students from seventy schools throughout New South Wales entered this year’s competition.

Alicia, Paris, Tiffany and Isabella spent many hours developing plans for their enterprise which they called Sole Switch.

Tiffany Linggoputro explained the concept: “Sole Switch aims to provide the market with a stylish, financially friendly and environmentally friendly shoe that features a detachable sole, allowing shoes to be reused. This eliminates the issue of broken soles which usually leads to the entire shoe being thrown out which, in turn, degrades the environment. Each shoe is engineered and structured to allow the efficient removal and switching of soles, depending on personal choice and activity. With each purchase, Sole Switch also assists African communities by donating part of the profit.”

Alicia, Paris, Tiffany and Isabella are studying the Accelerated Business Studies course at Meriden.

“Receiving the award was a great way to round off the many long hours of work that we put into this major project. In addition to the innovation required to develop the concept, many other skills came into play such as organisational planning, decision making, research, prioritising and collaboration. We are very grateful to our Business Studies teacher, Ms Kondichetty, for her motivation and guidance throughout the process,” Tiffany said.