Meriden: Proudly a girls’ school

19 October 2017

An article written by Loren Bridge, Executive Officer, Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia, (Daily Telegraph, 3 October 2017) explains the benefits of an all-girls education and why girls' schools continue to be streets ahead of their co-ed counterparts. Following is an extract from the article.

Girls’ schools are sending their students on to study business, law and STEM degrees in record numbers — it is these areas that are touted as the lifeblood of emerging knowledge-based industries and jobs of the future.

Studies have shown that a girl’s environment plays an important role in explaining why she chooses to get involved and compete at school. Girls from single-sex schools behave more competitively than do coeducational girls, they are more assertive, willing to take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, and participate at higher levels in sport and physical education — skills that are advantageous for leadership and life success.

Vitally, girls’ schools provide a safe space for girls to learn to combat the gender bias and sexism that still exist within universities, workplaces and our broader communities — so that when girls leave school they know they are absolutely equal to their male peers and will accept nothing less.

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