Meriden ranks 12th in state in HSC

13 December 2018

Meriden was ranked 12th in the state in the 2018 HSC Schools Ranking published today by the Sydney Morning Herald.   

The state placings achieved by Meriden students in their courses were simply outstanding. Meriden girls topped the state in Senior Science and Chinese in Context; placed 2nd in the state in English Ext 1, Latin Extension, and Chinese in Context; 3rd in the state in Biology, English Ext 1 and Mathematics; 4th in Latin Extension, Business Studies and Community and Family Studies; 5th in Music 2; 6th in Senior Science and English as a Second Language; 8th in Mathematics Ext 1 and 9th in Engineering Studies.

A total of 103 Meriden students completed the 2018 HSC and 23 of them were named as All-Round Achievers which are those students who have achieved results in the highest band possible for at least 10 units of HSC courses.

Meriden girls received 310 Distinguished Achievements. A Distinguished Achievement is a result in the highest band possible for one of more courses. 

Congratulations to the students and teachers of the Class of 2018 on your extraordinary achievements! Click here to read more about Meriden's stunning HSC results.