Meriden Senior Choir performs at Centaur Service

6 June 2019

Twenty-two girls from Meriden’s Senior Singers helped commemorate the seventy-sixth anniversary of the sinking of AHS Centaur at a service at Concord Repatriation General Hospital.

The girls performed the reflective hymn “Declare Your Maker’s Praise” in memory of those who lost their lives on the hospital ship during World War II.

AHS Centaur was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Queensland on 14 May 1943. The ship was carrying members of the 2/12th Field Ambulance and took just three minutes to sink after it was hit at 4:00am. Of 332 medical personnel and civilian crew aboard, only 64 survived.

The service remembered the sacrifice of those aboard and prayed that today’s leaders learn the lessons of war and work together to seek peace and justice.