Meriden students set world record to mark International Day of Friendship

30 July 2018

Today, 765 girls from Meriden celebrated United Nations International Day of Friendship by setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of girls braiding hair simultaneously. The students packed the school’s sports centre at 11:00am to form one long chain of hair braiding for a ten-minute duration.

The event was organised by the Meriden Prefects, led by 2018 Head Prefect, Margot McKeown, and Deputy Head Prefect, Gabrielle Katanasho. 

Margot McKeown said that they wanted to mark International Day of Friendship in a significant way to highlight the special friendships shared between all Meriden girls. "The formation of the chain represented the close-knit relationships amongst all the girls at the school and the unity of the student body," she said.

The event harnessed the power of friendship to set a new world record. Gabrielle Katanasho said, “International Day of Friendship encourages everyone to celebrate the value of friendships and relationships within communities.  Our school has a significant focus on female empowerment, specifically the power that women have when working with other like-minded women. We really wanted this Friendship day to reflect the strong bonds between the young women at our school, and enforce the idea that any goal is achievable when you put your hearts and minds to it.”

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