Research teams score top placings in university competition

18 October 2016

Three Year 10 research teams from Meriden placed in the top five teams nationally in the Bond University Research Week Challenge, The Quest for the Golden Researcher, held on 10 October 2016. 

The aim of the competition was to test and develop the research skills of students.  Participants worked in teams of four to answer a series of questions corresponding to the steps within the research process, including evaluating websites, collecting data, avoiding plagiarism, correct referencing of information and efficient use of the library and its resources.

Year 10 student Margot McKeown explains, “The competition gave us greater insight into the challenges of research and as a team, encouraged us to think outside the box in creative ways to engage with the questions asked of us.”

Head of Student Research at Meriden, Mrs Priscilla Curran, says that well-developed research skills are vital for students.  “Students must be able to pose questions and identify and locate relevant sources. Furthermore, in this digital age, it is especially important that we prepare students to become independent, curious and reflective life-long learners who can think deeply and evaluate, use and produce information responsibly and ethically,” she said.

Testament to the importance that the school places on the development of research skills, Meriden received special mention from Bond University for being the only school to have all its teams make the top five places in the competition.

The twelve research enthusiasts who represented Meriden were Margot McKeown, Rebecca Huynh, Georgina Vimalaratnam, Jessica Wei, Kate Carey, Helen Zhang, Alicia Lieng, Esther Wong, Kathrin Germanos, Sabrina Nicholas, Tammy Koo and Lucy Devine.