Teamwork achieves great results

5 June 2015

On Thursday, 28 May, the girls from Meriden Junior School’s Think Twice Group took part in in the Da Vinci Decathlon.

The decathlon offers the opportunity for students from across the state to compete in ten different areas of study: English, Mathematics and Chess, Science, Philosophy, Art and Poetry, Creative Producers, Cartography, Codebreaking, General Knowledge and Engineering.

Eight girls from each of Years 5 and 6 took part, competing against over a hundred other schools.

It was all about teamwork on the day as the girls worked on activities including chess problems, deciphering codes and maps as well as recognising famous faces, building towers and performing impromptu drama.

Our Meriden girls performed extremely well, receiving two awards- second in the Year 5 Creative Producers and third in the Year 6 Engineering.