Meriden Foundation

The Meriden Foundation plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development of the School. Its aim is to provide resources to maintain a high standard of educational excellence and guarantee future independence and growth. Its work is essential to Meriden’s future.

Through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation raises money to assist in financing building programs, improving and extending resource centres and facilities and ensuring that staff skills are constantly upgraded through professional development.

Since its establishment in 1992, the Foundation has played a major part in the growth of Meriden through projects which have included:

  • Assisting in the building of the Sports Centre which opened in 2016
  • Assisting in the building of Blackman Auditorium which opened in 2011
  • Building the Performing Arts Studio
  • Purchasing an adjoining property in Vernon Street
  • Refurbishing classrooms in the Junior School and providing student amenities
  • Establishing annual student prizes and scholarships


The Meriden Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. It is administered by a Board of Directors with direct links to the School Council. The day-to-day management of the Foundation is conducted through the Business Services department at Meriden.

Foundation Board Members 2020/2021

Chairman Mr Damian Brennan
School Council Representative Mr Philip McKenzie
Directors Mrs Rosemary Megale
  Mr Mathew Moran
Principal Dr Julie Greenhalgh
Secretary Mr Richard Arkell