Centre for Music and Drama

Construction of a new Centre for Music and Drama on the Senior School campus commenced in 2020 and is scheduled for completion in Term 1, 2022. The facilities that will be housed in this superb new building are outlined below. 

A significant portion of the Centre for Music and Drama will be underground, with a number of skylights offering natural light at all levels. 

The basement level houses a spacious Drama studio, with retractable seating and a performance area. Also included on this level is a green room and a staff room. 

The second level of the building is also underground and contains the new Music Academy. It includes ten Music studios and a viewing platform that overlooks the Drama space on the level below, so performances can be viewed and recorded. Also on this level are instrument storage areas and staff rooms.

The third level will be at ground level and contains two rehearsal spaces, with one designed specifically for choirs and one for bands.

The first elevation contains a number of classrooms, including one specifically designed for composition. It also contains a staff room. This level connects to a pathway that leads to Hudson Library and Research Centre and enhances student access around the school.

The top floor offers a Music practice room, a printing facility and meeting areas for staff.

Click here to view full-sized images of the planned development.