International Students

International Students

Meriden values diversity and welcomes international students from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Students from countries across the globe are part of the Meriden community. The School’s inclusive and supportive community ensures a smooth transition into the day-to-day life of the School.

Meriden has an excellent record of consistently strong academic performance and our students proceed to universities in Australia and overseas to undertake a broad range of studies.

Our Enrolments Office would be happy to answer any questions in relation to enrolment and we encourage all our prospective students to arrange a guided tour.

Please note that there are additional terms of enrolment applicable to the enrolment of international students. 

Courses Applicable to International Students

Meriden offers three registered courses applicable to international students:

Course Code Duration
Primary (Kindergarten to Year 6) 041562D 364 weeks
Junior Secondary (Years 7 to 10) 041563C 208 weeks
Senior Secondary (Years 11 and 12) 041564B 104 weeks

The duration of the course includes the vacation periods in each school year. There may be some variation in the end date for a Year 12 student subject to her final examination timetable.

English Language Proficiency Requirement

YearAEAS LevelIELTS Level
4*≥ 30Not applicable
5*≥ 35Not applicable
6*≥ 40Not applicable
7≥ 61Band 5.5
8≥ 61Band 5.5
9≥ 71Band 6
10≥ 81Band 6

English language proficiency requirement prerequisites apply for students wishing to enter Meriden in Years 4 to 10 who are from non-English-speaking backgrounds (NESB). There are no English language proficiency requirement prerequisites for NESB students in Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3. 

NESB students wishing to enrol in Years 4 to 10 must meet the above English language proficiency levels through testing by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Documented evidence of the achievement of the required level must be submitted with the Application for Enrolment.

*Applicants for Years 4 to 6 who do not meet the English language proficiency requirement prerequisites set out in the table above will not be refused enrolment on this criterion alone. However, if such a student is offered enrolment at Meriden, the Parent will be required to pay, prior to commencement, an additional one full term’s tuition fee. This fee provides for intensive English language instruction, provided by the School over the coming academic year.

During the enrolment interview process, the student must satisfy the following English language proficiency requirement prerequisites to determine whether the student’s English is at an acceptable level to proceed with an offer of enrolment:

  • Demonstrate her ability to respond in written form in English to Meriden’s Language Assessment (not literature based);
  • Demonstrate her English speaking capacity during a personal interview held at the School. The Student may be required to undertake additional intensive English tuition at her own expense until a satisfactory level, including colloquial spoken English, is reached.

Exemptions to requirements for NESB students may be granted to students who live in an English-speaking country and have studied in an English-speaking school for at least twelve months.

Australian Government Regulations

ESOS Framework

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) establishes legislative requirements and standards for the quality assurance of education and training institutions offering courses to international students who are in Australia on a student visa. For more information, visit the Commonwealth Department of Education website here.

Agents Representing Meriden

The Commonwealth Department of Education requires each education provider within Australia to publish on its website a list of all persons who represent or act on the provider’s behalf in dealing with overseas students or intending overseas students. Click here to view a list of the organisations that represent Meriden in this capacity.