Student Leadership

Meriden recognises that leadership is a skill for life. We are committed to ensuring every student is capable of exercising leadership and provided with the opportunities to build on this skill. Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are taught the qualities needed to become confident, articulate and responsible leaders of the future. This focus is integrated throughout all areas of school life at Meriden, with specialist leadership training given at suitable stages throughout our students’ educational journey.

Junior and Senior School students are given a myriad of age-appropriate leadership opportunities. These roles allow girls to apply their leadership skills, contribute to the School, and make a positive contribution to their community. Ongoing guidance is provided by staff to assist students as they put their leadership knowledge into practice.

At Meriden, we encourage all students to lead by example. Through student-led initiatives, Meriden girls learn how to build relationships within teams and voice their opinions. Our student leadership teams uphold the Christian values that are central to the School and work together to foster a sense of friendship, belonging and community spirit amongst our students.

Junior School

Meriden’s Junior School students are encouraged to take up informal and formal leadership roles. These opportunities give students a chance to have their voices heard and to make a positive difference in the school community.

Each term, students in Years 3 to 6 nominate a Class Captain and a Class Vice-Captain. Elected students are given a number of responsibilities within the classroom and serve as the voice of the students in their class.

All Year 6 students are viewed as leaders in the Junior School and are responsible for leading and supporting Year 1 girls through Meriden’s Buddy Program.

Year 6 students have the opportunity to be appointed a Junior School Prefect or Vice Prefect, and House Captain or House Vice-Captain. They can also serve on a team they are passionate about, for example, the Cultural Awareness Team, Environmental Team, Library Team, News Team, STEM Team and Creativity Team. The girls are welcome to propose new teams that may fill areas of need in the Junior School.

Senior School

Meriden’s Senior School students are challenged to consider their role as future leaders in the community. Unlocking a student’s leadership potential is an integral part of life in the Senior School. Whether it be organising an awareness day for a not-for-profit organisation, joining a cocurricular group of interest, or captaining a sports team, Meriden girls are encouraged to get involved in student-led initiatives and have their voices heard.

The Student Representative Council provides an opportunity for all students to contribute to the school. Peer-elected representatives meet regularly to discuss matters of interest to students and work together to make meaningful change to the school environment.

In Year 10, students have the opportunity to become Meriden ambassadors. 

In their final years at Meriden, all Year 11 and 12 students are seen as role models to our younger students.

Formal nominated and elected leadership positions in the Senior School include:

  • Subject Captains
  • Cocurricular Captains
  • Year 11 House Captains
  • Year 12 School Prefects

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