A Meriden education commences in
Pre-Kindergarten with a one-year school readiness program in the year prior to formal schooling.

Pre-Kindergarten students play, learn and grow on the colourful grounds of Lingwood Campus, an award-winning site specially designed to suit the educational and developmental needs of four-to six-year-old children.

A multi-faceted, play-based learning program equips girls with the skills required for success in Kindergarten and beyond, encouraging curiosity and confidence inside and outside the classroom. As they build academic competencies, girls establish strong friendships and explore the world around them.

Student Wellbeing

Pre-Kindergarten students are gently nurtured and encouraged to discover their unique strengths and talents.

Each child is recognised as an individual and invited to apply her current knowledge and skills to the activities presented. Students are motivated to move forward as they develop cognitive and perceptual skills at their own pace.

Specialised early childhood teachers differentiate activities, and every lesson is thoughtfully crafted to emphasise the process of learning, rather than the product, which helps students achieve a sense of accomplishment and pride in their learning.

At Meriden, students are supported to show kindness, care and respect for others and the world around them. Girls are motivated to interact with their peers in positive ways based on the values of respect and cooperation.


Meriden’s Pre-Kindergarten offers a rich and stimulating curriculum, delivered by caring, experienced early childhood and subject specialist teachers. Girls come to love the satisfaction of reading and writing, the experimentation of Science and Mathematics, the fun of French and Chinese language lessons and the wonders of Christian Education.

The Pre-Kindergarten program recognises that although children grow in predictable stages, each child is an individual. Our students are encouraged to direct their own learning by asking questions and initiating topics for group discussion. Activities are built and planned around the children’s interests and experiences, always with the aim of extending their interest to increase their understanding and learning.

The program balances structure and free choice as well as quiet times. Two types of informal activity are used in the program – developmental play and project work. Developmental play involves making available a variety of activities from which the children can choose to play, while project work gives children the opportunity to explore and examine a topic or interest area over a period of time. Children work with activities that engage their minds, facilitate cooperative learning and provide interest and stimulation.

Particular attention is given to:

  • Language and communication skills
  • Pre-mathematical skills
  • Science concepts
  • Social skills
  • General knowledge
  • Early literacy skills including pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Early numeracy skills

Pre-Kindergarten students participate in a Physical Education lesson weekly with a specialist PE and Sport teacher at the Junior School Campus. The program helps develop fundamental movement skills. Games and activities encourage the girls to make decisions, communicate with their peers and respond to rules and instructions. Students also participate in gymnastics lessons which focus on balance, strength and jumping using a range of apparatuses.

Attending Pre-Kindergarten

Four-day and five-day programs are offered, subject to availability at the time of enrolment. Classes commence at 8:45am and end at 2:45pm, Monday to Friday, during school terms. Before and After School Care programs are also available.

Children must turn four years of age by the end of May in the year of commencement. A readiness assessment for Pre-Kindergarten is conducted during the enrolment interview process.

Beyond the Classroom

A Meriden education develops accomplished young women through opportunities that allow every girl to expand her interests and hone her talents. Specialist staff develop the girls’ confidence and skill in sport, music, performing arts and many more areas. Consider the possibilities of your daughter’s cocurricular journey.

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