Faith at Meriden

Faith at Meriden

Meriden is centred on the Christian faith. The expression of this faith is consistent with the Anglican tradition. It explores the person of Jesus and the teachings of the Bible while promoting respect for those of other faiths and backgrounds. Girls of all religious faiths and cultural backgrounds are welcome at Meriden.

All staff support the School’s Christian values of kindness, integrity, courage and respect. Students are expected to attend Chapel services and participate in Christian Education classes.

At Meriden, students are encouraged to consider the claims of Christ and to develop into young women able to exercise judgement in moral issues and willing to serve the wider community with understanding, creativity and dedication. Our hope is that the girls’ lives will be enriched by their experience of faith at Meriden as they learn more about God, themselves, their personal faith journey and others.

Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy team plays a pivotal role in the life of the School. Through a wealth of programs and activities, the team provides guidance, support and pastoral care to the School community of students, parents and staff.

Christian Education

Christian Education classes provide an opportunity for each student to further explore who God is, what faith in Jesus Christ is about, and how a Christian worldview provides a framework for ethical thinking and wrestling with life’s issues.

Senior School students in Years 7 to 10 participate in one 60-minute lesson per week and Year 11 students participate in one lesson per fortnight. Year 11 girls also have the opportunity to attend Christian Education forums each term.

Students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in one 30-minute Christian Education lesson per week.

Prayer Groups

Meriden students, staff and parents may choose to participate in prayer groups run by Chaplaincy staff. The groups are an opportunity to talk to God: praising Him for the blessings bestowed upon our School community and asking Him for guidance in our challenges. Chaplaincy staff notify members of the School community about upcoming prayer meetings and individuals are welcome to attend as many meetings as they like.


Chapel provides the opportunity for hearing God’s perspective, especially as it relates to life in our School community and our place in the world. This is done through song, prayer, Bible readings and explorations of biblical themes and passages.

Senior School

The Chaplain conducts a weekly Chapel service while students share the responsibility for conducting fortnightly Chapel services.

Junior School

Kindergarten to Year 6 students meet each Monday morning for Chapel and our Pre-Kindergarten students gather for a short Chapel service with the Chaplain each week.

Student Christian Groups

A number of voluntary, age-specific, lunchtime student groups regularly meet to encourage one another, read the Bible, talk about life and pray together. As part of this program, an annual camp is held for Senior School students in association with Trinity Grammar School.