Meriden’s fortnightly newsletter contains important news and information for parents and students. It is emailed to parents fortnightly on the Thursday afternoon of Week A. The newsletter is also available on the Meriden App.


Fidelis, Meriden’s magazine, is published annually and distributed to Meriden families and Old Girls (upon request). It showcases the highlights of student life at Meriden as well as news of Meriden Old Girls.


Published annually, the Meriden Yearbook records the significant events of the past year at Meriden. Many students like to keep each Yearbook as a memento of their time at Meriden.

Annual Educational and Financial Report

The Educational and Financial Report is published annually in June.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan provides a road-map for assisting Meriden girls to grow in their capacity as confident, articulate and responsible leaders in their vocations and communities.