Years 7 – 12

Years 7 – 12

The supportive and enriching environment of Meriden’s Senior School promotes involvement, empowerment and discovery. Girls are encouraged to become independent thinkers, take responsibility for their learning and develop a sense of who they want to be when they exit Meriden’s gates.

Meriden’s educational philosophy puts strong emphasis on finding individual pathways of learning for each girl. The curriculum is rich and diverse and designed to give each girl the opportunity to discover and nurture her skills and talents. A wide range of cocurricular activities ensures every girl finds her niche, whether that be in sport, music, STEM or anywhere in between.

As leaders of the future, Meriden Senior School students can take advantage of many opportunities to undertake official leadership positions, but every girl is encouraged to act as a thoughtful and caring friend and to contribute positively to her community.

Student Wellbeing

A strong sense of wellbeing is essential for students to become resilient, build healthy relationships and achieve their aspirations and goals.

Meriden’s approach to student wellbeing is informed by the School’s Christian foundations and the belief that human flourishing is found through a relationship with Jesus. At Meriden, every girl is known and her unique contribution to the life of the School valued as she realises her gifts and makes her mark.

At the heart of Meriden’s pastoral approach are House tutor groups where the girls meet daily with their tutor and other girls in their year group. Relationships are central to what it means to be human, and experiencing a sense of belonging is essential to a young person’s social and emotional development. In these tutor groups, students discuss and reflect on contemporary issues and challenges. The key components of wellbeing that are woven through our programs include healthy relationships, character development, self-awareness, ethical responsibility, meaning and purpose, and service to the broader community.

Meriden’s House system provides an avenue for girls to make connections across year groups, through community service weeks and initiatives, carnivals and a range of other activities.

Students thrive when they are given opportunities to become involved in a wide range of academic and cocurricular pursuits. At Meriden, we believe that each girl is uniquely and wonderfully made and we strive to ensure that each girl is cared for.


The curriculum at Meriden is designed to cater for a range of ability levels and interests, and to prepare students for their studies in Years 11 and 12 and their career aspirations beyond school.

Meriden has a strong tradition of academic achievement across all areas of the curriculum and is one of the highest-performing independent girls’ schools in the state in the HSC. Meriden girls perform particularly well in STEM subjects, encouraged by inspiring programs, skilled teachers and access to exceptional learning spaces.

Individual advice is available to girls to ensure that their subject selections are best suited for them – to cater for their interests, and to prepare them well for the HSC examinations and post-school options.

Subjects offered

2022 Academic Highlights

Academic Support

At Meriden, we recognise that each girl’s learning pathway is unique, and the School is committed to ensuring every student’s academic needs are met so every student can experience success in the classroom.

In addition to having classroom teachers who are specially trained to differentiate classwork for students of all levels of ability, the Senior School’s dedicated Academic Support Department provides additional support to students with learning difficulties and students with English as a second language. Meriden’s High Potential Learning program aims to ensure that the intellectual growth of high potential learners is strengthened and deepened.

Lateral Learning

Effective learning takes place in many spheres and is not confined to the classroom. Now, more than ever, universities and employers are looking for key skills and capabilities in young people that can be transferred across a range of academic disciplines, workplaces and interpersonal relationships. The Lateral Learning department is concerned with deepening the learning experiences of our students, creating well-rounded young women who are ready and willing to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Meriden’s Lateral Learning program embeds the following skills and capabilities into girls’ curricular, cocurricular and pastoral programs:

Global Citizenship

Developing well-informed, thoughtful and proactive leaders who demonstrate perseverance, resilience, consideration and empathy and who seek to serve others.


Using the power of speech, including non-verbal techniques, to communicate effectively for a range of audiences and using a range of presentation tools.

Research and
Critical Thinking

Developing the ability to research well, locate and select relevant and varied sources of information, critically evaluate arguments, make connections and ask inquiry questions.


Using the principles of Design Thinking to identify and define problems, evaluate them ethically, ideate and prototype solutions in real-world contexts.


Thinking innovatively, exploring new and varied perspectives, seeking to create new information and understandings.


Working interdependently and learning with, and from, others and developing skills in teamwork, active listening and collective decision-making.

Digital Literacy

Choosing the right digital tool for the right purpose and understanding how to use technology in a safe, responsible and ethical manner.

Beyond the Classroom

A Meriden education develops accomplished young women through opportunities that allow girls to expand their interests and hone their talents. Specialist staff develop the girls’ confidence and skill in sport, music, performing arts and many more areas. Consider the possibilities of your daughter’s cocurricular journey.

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