Vision and Strategic Direction

Vision and Strategic Direction

Meriden girls are defined by their passion and compassion, their joy and determination. The School’s aim is always to provide girls with opportunities to thrive; to channel their curiosity, talent and convictions in ways that will help them live with spirit, purpose and kindness.

The Meriden Vision

To deliver a leading and holistic education which balances academic achievement, cocurricular opportunities, the pastoral care of every student and a Christian foundation.

The Meriden Mission

Meriden’s mission is to produce graduates who are:

  • Confident, articulate and responsible leaders
  • Aspiring and academic achievers
  • Well-informed and critical thinkers
  • Well-rounded and resilient team-players
  • Creative innovators and collaborative problem-solvers
  • Compassionate, healthy and optimistic global citizens
  • Women of integrity, appreciative of the Christian faith.

This vision rests firmly on the values which permeate the Meriden environment and community: excellence, grit, kindness, gratitude and hope.

We want our girls to become the makers of the change, the movers and shakers of our community, the writers of the analysis, and the front-line researchers. They no longer need to be solely the responders; they can be the creators of the future.

The Fidelis Model

In 2011 Meriden established The Fidelis Model, an educational framework that sets the breadth, depth and direction of a Meriden education. The holistic teaching and learning that occur at Meriden are consistent with this model.

The Fidelis Model is used to unite and coordinate all aspects of a Meriden girl’s learning – both inside and outside the classroom. It has the girls as its prime focus, aiming to enable them to learn optimally and to leave school ready for the challenges ahead.

The Fidelis Model outlines the Christian foundations upon which Meriden is based; the knowledge and understanding that the girls need to acquire; the learning practices that they need to master; the capabilities, competencies and skills that they need to develop; and the attitudes and values that they need to foster.

The dimensions of The Fidelis Model are:

  • Christian Foundations: Building Strong Faith
  • Knowledge and Understanding: Inspiring Young Minds
  • Learning Practices: Equipping Life-Long Learners
  • Citizenship: Enhancing our Communities
  • Attitudes and Values: Nurturing Spirited Hearts.

Ongoing feedback, evaluation and refinement are important features of The Fidelis Model and the master document is updated regularly by the Principal and senior academic staff. The fourth edition was written in 2022.