Welcome to Meriden

Welcome to Meriden

Mrs Lisa Brown


Welcome to the Meriden website.
I am thrilled you are spending time learning more about our wonderful school.

There are many aspects of Meriden that give me considerable pleasure. These include the girls’ love of learning, the wonderful results of the girls in all subject areas, the diversity of the school community, and the excellence of the School in cocurricular areas such as music, sport, debating, community service and public speaking, amongst many others.

However, the most impressive feature of the School is the girls themselves! They exercise their talents and skills to lead the School, work to make a positive contribution to their immediate and wider communities, and demonstrate vast amounts of school spirit, collegiality and friendliness. It is expected that Meriden girls will care for one another, and they do.

Year 12 girls graduate from Meriden as confident, articulate and compassionate young women, ready to make a positive impact on the world as leaders and global citizens. Their teachers and I follow their post-school pathways with enormous pride!

I warmly invite you to visit Meriden and experience our impressive School.

Meet Mrs Brown

Educated in Sydney, Mrs Brown completed a Bachelor of Education majoring in Physical and Health Education at the University of Wollongong. She then completed a Master of Education specialising in Management and Human Resource Development at the University of Sydney.

Mrs Brown is well known to the Meriden school community having joined the School as a teacher in 2004. In addition to her teaching roles, Mrs Brown has held positions essential to the delivery of a well-rounded education for girls at Meriden, including Year Coordinator, Head of Sport, Dean of Cocurricula and Head of Campus. She is currently completing a PhD on the topic of Women in Leadership.

As Principal, Mrs Brown has deep experience across the ‘crucial quartet’ in independent schooling: academic rigour and excellence, cocurricular opportunities, pastoral care and Christian ministry. She is committed to ensuring Meriden maintains balance and excellence across the domains.

Well-known for her sense of humour and approachable nature, Mrs Brown feels honoured and humbled to be the Principal of Meriden. She has devoted her career to the education of young women and firmly believes in the benefits of an all-girls’ education. It is her wish that Meriden is a joyous place of discovery and vast opportunity.