Learning languages has been shown to have a substantial effect on cognitive development and provides young people with an invaluable advantage in our increasingly globalised world.

Languages are an important component of a Meriden education and our girls flourish as they gain an understanding of other countries and cultures and acquire a deep sense of accomplishment as their language proficiency increases.

Junior School

Meriden’s highly-successful Junior School Languages program immerses students in a culturally-diverse learning environment in which they learn to read, write and speak either French or Mandarin.

In Pre-Kindergarten, children learn French and Mandarin with specialist language teachers who make reading, writing and speaking a new language fun. The girls sing, dance, play games and read books in French and Mandarin, developing their language skills and learning to value the diversity of our world.

When they commence Kindergarten, girls and their parents choose the language they will study through to the end of Year 6.

Instruction during lessons is given predominantly in the language being studied. Research shows that this is the most natural and effective way for young children to learn a second language.

During the school day, opportunities are provided for students to showcase their language skills in a variety of contexts, including assembly presentations and performances.

Senior School

In the Senior School, all students study a language other than English until Year 8 and we encourage them to continue this richly-rewarding experience through to Year 12.

Meriden students frequently top the state in languages subjects in the HSC.

Languages offered in Meriden’s Senior School include: 

Languages News

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