Partner Schools

All Hallows’ School, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland

The exchange program between Meriden and All Hallows focuses on providing ongoing competition for the Meriden Waterpolo squad. Meriden girls travel to Brisbane or host the All Hallows' girls in Sydney and engage in an interschool competition. They also have extra skills training to develop their Water Polo skills.

Hagoromo Gakuen College, Sakai, Osaka, Japan

Meriden recently renewed a relationship which dates back more than twenty years with Hagoromo Gakuen College in Osaka, Japan. This relationship provides opportunities for Year 11 girls who are studying Beginners Japanese to stay with a host family in Japan for several weeks. The exchange allows students to practise and build upon the language skills they have developed in their first year of the study of the language, whilst developing a greater understanding of Japanese culture and people.

L’Ecole Louise Michel, Bourail, Noumea

Meriden's well-established French program which operates from Prep to Year 12 means that many of our students have been learning French since their Junior years. Our partnership with L'Ecole Louise Michel enables our Year 9 students to spend time in Noumea and Bourail to build on their knowledge and understanding of the language and culture. This visit to Noumea is part of the Year 9 Camp Week program, giving students opportunities to serve a community in a different country while improving and using their French language skills.

New England Girls’ School, Armidale, NSW

Meriden has recently formed a friendship arrangement with the New England Girls’ School to explore avenues to benefit students of both schools with wider opportunities. NEGS is a day and boarding school in northern New South Wales with expansive facilities, including an Equestrian Centre.

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, England

Established in 1585, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School is a school for girls and boys located in Lincolnshire, England. The school is one of Meriden’s partner schools in learning. Students and teachers from Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School visit Meriden each year to experience teaching and learning at our school. For more information about Queen Elizabeth’s visit

Ruyton Girls’ School, Victoria

From 2013, Meriden’s Year 8 girls have had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Ruyton Girls’ School which is located in Kew, Victoria. Ruyton is a medium-size school with an excellent reputation in the education of girls and young women.

Saint Jacques de Compostelle, France

In 2014 Meriden established a sister school relationship with St Jacques de Compostelle (SJDC for short) school in France - a private Catholic High School located in the city of Dax, close to the cities of Biarritz, Bayonne and Bordeaux. The school has approximately 900 students and is ranked as the top school in the Aquitaine region, achieving excellent results in the baccalaureat (equivalent of the HSC). 

Shanghai Fengxian High School, China 

In April 2015 Meriden formalised a sister school relationship with the Shanghai Fengxian High School during a visit by a group of Meriden students and teachers. The relationship between the schools provides opportunities for Meriden students who are studying Chinese or who are of Chinese heritage to study at the Shanghai Fengxian High School, a highly reputed demonstration school in Shanghai. Meriden will receive students each year from Fengxian, with the first visit in July 2015. The exchange program helps students improve their language skills as well as gain a better understanding of daily Chinese life and culture.

Ti Tree School, Northern Territory

Meriden operates an exchange program with Ti Tree School in remote Northern Territory through the Ngurra Jirrama Foundation. Each year during Meriden's Camp Week, a group of Year 9 students visits Ti Tree School to work with the pupils there. This visit builds relationships between the two communities and provides Meriden girls with valuable experience in serving others. Through the Jgurra Jirrama Foundation, Meriden also provides an opportunity for selected Ti Tree School students to undertake their secondary education at Meriden.

Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill

Meriden and Trinity Grammar School are the Anglican schools of Sydney's inner western suburbs. Students from Meriden and Trinity Grammar participate in a number of joint activities including a Student Christian Camp, musical productions and social events. Many of the brothers of Meriden girls attend Trinity Grammar, and Meriden operates a bus service to transport girls to and from Trinity in the morning and afternoon.