An evidence-based approach to homework in the Senior School

Although homework is a much-debated issue, purposeful homework with just the right degree of challenge can be a powerful learning tool. In the Senior School, homework is designed to reinforce or extend the girls’ learning of the day. When new skills are practised they become routine and this builds students’ confidence. Quality over quantity is […]

Thriving in the 21st Century

How do we best contribute to the development of citizens who are more discerning and able to work through complex and challenging problems? This is the central question that Meriden’s teachers considered in their professional learning in January. Working with Jonathan Heard from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), teachers focused on activities that […]

The benefits of reading for fun

Recent research has explored how reading fiction influences our brain development. The researchers asked students about their reading interests, how often they read for enjoyment, what motivated them and what experiences helped shape their attitudes toward reading. The students then took a series of cognition tests. The researchers found that there were significant differences between […]