The Amadeus Program

Students of exceptional musical ability have their talent nurtured through the Amadeus Program. 

Girls from Years 5 to 12 may be invited to join the program when they are involved with music at a high level inside and outside school.

The Amadeus Program celebrates the skill and passion of exceptional young musicians by providing expert teaching staff to oversee their musical development, monitoring and guiding their academic schooling, and providing them with exciting performance opportunities.

The program encourages each student’s commitment to music by:

  • providing them with individual support to manage their studies and assessments when they have pressing musical commitments outside the School;
  • seeking opportunities for them to further their performance skills and confidence;
  • providing a special pastoral group which meets at least once per fortnight under the guidance of a member of the Music staff;
  • providing the girls with priority of music lesson times through the Meriden Music Academy;
  • giving the students the option of reducing the number of electives undertaken in Years 8 to 10 in order to free up time for music lessons, rehearsals or music practice.

Amadeus Program News

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