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Fourteen girls nominated for HSC showcases

Members of the Class of 2019 have been recognised for performing to an exceptional standard across the subject areas of Music, Visual Arts and Design and Technology. HSC markers have nominated seven Meriden students to showcase their major works at public concerts and specialist exhibitions.

Nominated for ENCORE in the Music Performance category were Olivia Bonanno, Hannah Kolos and Kylie Zhu. Nominated in the Composition category were Penelope Dawson, Christie Kafiris and Irene Yoo. Cathy Gao, Julia Herro and Jemima Votier were nominated in the Music 1 Viva category, while Janice Gao was nominated for her Music Extension Essay.

Two students have had their Visual Arts major works nominated for ARTEXPRESS, where the best of HSC student works are featured in art galleries across New South Wales. Amelia Giakoumelos has been nominated for her work, “Celestial Links”, a series of hyper-realistic pen and ink drawings that were inspired by her family members and their individual and collective identities. Esther Gong was nominated for “Reverence Displaced”, a series of detailed ink drawings of precious objects and a contemplation of what it means to value these things.

The Shape exhibition features a selection of exemplary major projects from HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. This year, Lauren Pucci’s innovative Design and Technology major project has been nominated for inclusion. Lauren chose to design a sustainable, ergonomic and aesthetically-pleasing nursing home facility that prioritises the physical and mental health, safety and comfort of residents while addressing the environmental footprint of such a facility. Aimie Phu has demonstrated how food and technology work well together when combined with a strong business acumen. Her major project, a vegan Asian-cuisine cookbook in hard copy and digital versions, has also been selected for the Shape exhibition. The QR codes embedded in her recipes link to step-by-step instructional cooking videos that can be viewed on a website where consumers can also share their own recipes and insights into veganism.

Meriden would like to congratulate all the girls on their diligent work in these specialist subject areas throughout their school years and on their nominations for these prestigious showcases.

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