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Lingwood Campus: a place of wonder

Meriden’s Lingwood campus provides a state-of-the-art learning environment designed to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in young children. Each day, a myriad of opportunities are provided for indoor and outdoor developmental play, allowing students to express themselves creatively, build relationships and marvel at the world around them.

This year, students in Pre-Kindergarten are going from strength to strength in their learning and development.

Mrs Katherin Margiankakos, Meriden’s Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator, said Lingwood Campus and its programs, along with the Pre-Kindergarten’s specialised teachers, provide children with the very best start to their educational journey.

“Lingwood Campus has been specially designed to promote play-based learning and encourage imagination and independence in four- to six-year-old children,” she said.

“Daily outdoor play extends learning beyond the classroom and, in addition to developing gross motor skills, students build resilience, forge relationships and improve their problem-solving skills; qualities that will serve them well as they transition to Kindergarten,” she said.

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