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Meriden fifteen-time champions in Tildesley Tennis

Phoebe Strachan, Stacy Lee and Miranda Xu

Meriden has continued its success in the prestigious Tildesley Tennis Shield tournament for the fifteenth consecutive year, retaining the Championship and Doubles titles, and regaining the Singles title for 2024.

The players’ competitiveness and gracious sportsmanship were on display throughout the two-day tournament. The squad’s hard work and dedication saw an all-Meriden final in both the Singles and Doubles events.

Giselle Guillen, Jizelle Sibai and Miranda Xu reached the semi-finals in the Singles event. Advancing through to the final match, Giselle Guillen was the eventual winner, defeating Jizelle Sibai 8 – 5.

Meriden continued to dominate in the Doubles competition this year, with all six pairs reaching the quarter-finals and three pairs progressing to the semi-finals.

This is the fifteenth consecutive year that Meriden has taken out the top two positions in the Doubles matches.

Aimee Jin and Valentyna Rosa were victorious in the Doubles event, after finishing as runners-up in their maiden tournament last year. In a closely contested finals match, the pair defeated Ariel Gunawan and Nikitha Desai 8 – 7.

Meriden Principal, Mrs Lisa Brown, said the Tildesley tournament means a lot to Meriden. “We’ve obviously had tremendous success but that hasn’t always been the case.”

“The most significant effect of Tildesley is how it changed the School’s culture and inspired our students to strive to succeed across all disciplines. And that is why it is such an important tournament to us.”

This year, Meriden entered twenty-three players in the tournament. The squad, led by Head Coach, Brian Ly comprised:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Ella Clayton

Tiffany Kouhis

Kaitlyn Poon

Aleksija Vujcic

Aimee Jin

Valentyna Rosa

Mira Arvind

Saoirse Funston

Alyssa Dun

Hayley Dinh

Olivia Tartak

Amelia Von

Miya McLeod

Jizelle Sibai

Alexia Taboas

Ariel Gunawan

Mila Vujcic

Lillian Shen

Sofia Colovic

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Amy Chen

Jessica Dimovski

Nikitha Desai

Giselle Guillen

Abigail Gunawan

Georgia Massey

Maria Nicol

Panayiota Vasiliades

India Whip

Georgia Karatasos

Andrea Lavers

Sofia Zulamovski

Gabriela Garipova

Anjola Ige

Phoebe Strachan

Miranda Xu

Stacy Lee


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