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Science comes alive in Pre-K classrooms

Research shows that children learn best through play and the girls’ most recent play-date, with a brood of ducklings, has been educational indeed.

As part of their Science unit, in which they are learning about the basic needs of living things, the Pre-Kindergarten girls watched in awe as nine ducklings hatched from their eggs on the Lingwood Campus. With their growing understanding of the needs of the ducklings, the girls relish every opportunity to feed and care for the baby birds and marvel at how quickly they are growing.

Mrs Katherin Margiankakos, Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator, said the experience has been a wonderful learning opportunity for the children.

“We are so pleased to provide hands-on experiences that allow students to expand their learning,” she said.

“Not only has the ‘Hatch and Grow’ program brought joy to the children, it also provided an opportunity for them to apply what they have been learning in class,” she said.

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