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Trisha wins bronze at International Figure Skating Competition

Early mornings spent on the ice have paid off for Meriden student, Trisha Tong, after winning a bronze medal for Australia at the Oceania International Figure Skating Competition, held in Auckland, New Zealand.

The prestigious annual competition showcases talented figure skaters from all corners of the globe, who come together to compete in an array of events.

Trisha’s passion for figure skating began at the age of six. In preparation for major competitions, the Year 10 student trains on average two hours before school each day, hitting the ice rink at 5:30am.

“I love the feeling of landing a new jump and the freedom when I glide across the ice. There is so much to learn in the world of figure skating; you are constantly presented with new challenges,” said Trisha.

“I am incredibly honoured to have opportunities to represent my country and connect with other top young figure skaters from around the world.”

Trisha is a member of Meriden’s Olympus Program for elite athletes. She credits the program for playing a pivotal role in her development and enabling her to remain focused on her rigorous training regime.

“The program has had a positive impact on both my mindset and performance as an athlete. Training sessions in Meriden’s fitness centre allow me greater flexibility to study. I have also learnt many techniques to enhance my performance, such as visualisation, breathing drills and positive affirmations,” said Trisha.

Trisha’s dedication to her sport has garnered her an impressive list of achievements, including being named the 2020 Advanced Novice State Champion and placing third in the 2021 Advanced Novice Hollins Trophy and the 2022 Junior State Figure Skating Championships. She is currently working towards being selected for the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series, which will be held in several countries later this year.

Congratulations and best wishes for your selection to compete at the Grand Prix, Trisha. The Meriden community is right behind you!

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