Mrs Kenny
Head of Teaching and Learning

Year 12

At this time of the year, our thoughts turn to Year 12 students who are about to embark on a new phase in their life’s journey. Most will continue into tertiary education where they will pursue areas of interest and passion. The world they are about to enter certainly provides challenges as well as opportunities. But as we bid them farewell, we are confident in their ability to think critically and independently. Rather than simply consume information, we trust that they will exercise a degree of healthy scepticism and judge each argument on its merits, according to their values.

Many of the skills they need to be successful at university have been honed throughout their time at Meriden. From Year 7, we encourage our students to set goals by reflecting on and acknowledging the skills they have refined and those still to be developed. We give them opportunities to articulate questions, as knowing what you do not understand and having the confidence to ask is critical to success. We encourage our girls to develop organisational and time management skills. A self-directed approach can help students to avoid procrastination and meet deadlines, both at school and beyond.

We know our Year 12 students leave us with the skills to excel in their chosen fields. Our prayers and best wishes go with them.


Year 12 students will receive their reports at the Graduation ceremony on Monday 19 September. Year 11 reports will be available early next term and include results from the recently completed examinations. Approaches to Learning and Endeavour Grades for all subjects will be updated for Years 7, 8 and 9 prior to the end of Week 10. Assessments completed are published within two to three weeks once returned to students. Subjects available by the end of this term are listed below. Remember to check teachers’ feedback in the Assessment Folders.

Year Group Subjects Available
Year 7 Chinese, English, French, Geography, Japanese, Music, Science, Technology Mandatory and Visual Arts
Year 8 English, Ceramics, Chinese, French, Graphic Design, History, Japanese, Latin, Living in the Digital World, Mathematics, News and Contemporary Studies, Science, Technology Mandatory and Visual Arts
Year 9 Chinese, Commerce, English, Food Technology, French, Geography, Japanese, Latin, Mathematics and Science