Dr Benn
Head of Junior School

Junior School girls have many age-appropriate leadership opportunities to help them develop positive mindsets of servant leadership and leading by example. The opportunities for the younger year groups usually occur through roles in the classroom. As students progress through the Junior School, they can join service groups, take formal leadership roles and help younger girls through “buddy” programs in Years 5 and 6. Class Captains and Vice Captains in Years 3 to 6 work with Mrs Cath Evans, Dean of Academic Care, each term to investigate an area of need in the Junior School and implement an improvement plan.

On Monday 30 January, the Junior School Captain and Vice Captain, Prefects, House Captains and House Vice Captains were commissioned at a special Chapel service. In her first address as Junior School Captain, Anna Simonds reminded the girls to be loving and humble when leading others. A list of the student leaders, Class Captains and Vice Captains is available here.

All students in Year 6 can serve others through voluntary involvement in a leadership team. This year, the students have joined the SCG Team, Cultural Awareness Team, Creativity Team, Environmental Team, Library Team, Healthy Lifestyle Team and STEM Team. Each group will work with their supervising teacher to lead initiatives in their service area, with a particular focus on leading younger students.

It is encouraging to see the girls grow as leaders and use their voices and actions to support and help others.

Upcoming Events

Thank you for your support of the recent Meet the Teacher Evenings. We look forward to seeing parents of Junior School girls at the JSA Twilight Picnic on Saturday 18 February and the Parent Forum with Dr Judith Locke on Tuesday 28 February. Spectators are also welcome at the Junior School Swimming Carnival (Years 3 to 6) on Tuesday 14 February.