Mrs Kenny
Head of Teaching and Learning

Learning is exciting and experiential at Meriden! Last week, the Bell Garden echoed the voices of Year 8 Science students as they hypothesised and tested the most efficient paper plane designs. It was a delight to witness their thinking processes, their interactions with each other and the process of discovery as paper planes of all shapes and sizes whizzed through the air.

Year 7 students are equally as enthusiastic as they learn to navigate eVe with confidence, thanks to their teachers and some explicit instruction from our Coordinator of Learning Link – Technology, Miss Nicola Casaceli. In seminar groups, Year 7 students have learnt how to access and store information on eVe, use online textbooks and email with appropriate etiquette. Year 7 students are also enjoying sessions with Dr Jocelyn Laurence, Coordinator of Learning Link – Research and Critical Thinking, who is working with them on approaching research tasks, including writing bibliographies.

Welcome to Meriden Evening

It was wonderful to meet so many new families on Friday last week. During my presentation, I spoke about the difference in the reporting system for Years 7 to 9 compared to the senior years. Reports for Years 7 to 9 are continuous or ‘live’ as results become available so that information about the progress of our younger girls is communicated to you as quickly as possible. Information on eVe includes grades and an evaluation of each student’s approaches to learning and endeavour. Teacher feedback is written on the task and will come home to you via the assessment folder. A stamp in the Student Planner will alert you to the return of a task.

In Years 10 to 12, as the girls become more independent learners, reports are available each semester and available as a PDF on Parent Lounge. Reports for all year groups are no longer routinely printed but can be printed on request by simply contacting Reception.