Mrs Chilton
Head of Student Wellbeing

Year 7 Friendship Camp

Our outdoor education program provides wonderful opportunities for the girls to connect with one another and with God’s creation outside of the regular rhythms and routines of school life.

Year 7 students had a wonderful time at Friendship Camp with many of the girls and teachers reflecting on how the experience helped the girls get to know their year group. Some highlights included the waterslide, sailing, movie night and braving the thunderstorm together!

Ms Amy Wilson, Year 7 Coordinator, summarises the camp below:

“The Year 7 Friendship Camp, held at the Youthworks site at Port Hacking, was a memorable experience for the girls and teachers. It was lovely to see the budding friendships bloom and for these to continue to strengthen in the weeks since we returned. At camp, the students had the opportunity to challenge themselves in a myriad of different activities, from rock climbing, sailing, raft building and dragon boating. The laughter and cheers of support echoed around the site, and the students were especially thrilled by their teachers joining in with all the activities. What a blessing it was for the students to have the opportunity to make such fond and wonderful memories of their start to their high school adventure.”

Huge thanks to Ms Wilson, Mr Richard Hughes, Dean of Student Involvement, Mrs Stephanie Mantzouridis, Year 7 Assistant Year Coordinator, and our Year 7 tutors for attending the camp and for the work they put into helping the girls create lasting memories.

We are very impressed with how our Year 7 students have transitioned so far and have been encouraged by their willingness and confidence to ask questions of staff and other students.

Parent Forum – Dr Judith Locke

A final reminder that next week we will be holding a Parent Forum for Senior School parents with Dr Judith Locke, psychologist and author of two parenting books, The Bonsai Child and The Bonsai Student. Dr Locke’s books will be available to purchase on the night.

Helping your child or teen become confident and capable in 2023

Monday 27 February, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Wallis Auditorium

All parents in the Senior School are invited to this forum as we partner with you in establishing strong and supportive routines for your daughter in 2023 and help her develop her independence and confidence.