Mrs Kenny
Head of Teaching and Learning

The end of term brings feedback for parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 via eReports. The table below shows the subjects where data will be available this term. Subjects with assessment tasks that have only recently been completed will be uploaded early next term. Please note that Endeavour Grades and Approaches to Learning will be completed for all subjects. Remember to check your daughter’s assessment folder for comments on the strengths of her work and areas for improvement.

Cross-curriculum skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century are developed in Years 7 to 9 through the Lateral Learning Program. Please ensure that you read Ms Priscilla Curran’s article in this newsletter about the ways we are promoting and assessing Lateral Learning.

Year Group Subjects reporting assessment data by end of Term 1
Year 7 French, Chinese, PDHPE, Science, Technology Mandatory, Visual Arts
Year 8 Chinese, French, History, Japanese, News and Contemporary Studies, PDHPE, Science, Technology Mandatory, Visual Arts
Year 9 Geography, History, Commerce, Chinese, French, Japanese, Latin, Mathematics (5.2 only)

Semester 1 reports for students in Year 12 will be uploaded to Parent Lounge today. These reports contain information about assessments, your daughter’s application to her studies, as well as each teacher’s evaluation of your daughter’s academic development. In your discussion with your daughter, remember to focus on progress and not merely achievement. It is important that the girls understand their strengths, and also the next skills to learn and refine.

Thank you for your attendance at Parent/Teacher evenings during Term 1. Next term we look forward to seeing you at Parent/Teacher interviews for the following year groups:

Year 9 – Tuesday 16 May

Year 8 – Tuesday 30 May

Year 10 – Tuesday 20 June

I wish you and your family the hope of Easter as we celebrate the risen Christ.