Mrs Evans
Acting Head of Junior School

We all want an outstanding education for our girls, and the foundation for that begins with daily, consistent and punctual attendance at school. Attendance forms the basis for academic achievement and overall development.

Whilst Meriden’s attendance rates are generally high, we have recently seen an increase in families applying for leave to take students on family holidays during term time. Unfortunately, this limits the students’ opportunities to get the most from their learning. Explicit instruction, discussions, and activities are not presented in isolation, and regular attendance allows students to build on their previously acquired knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of the material. Moreover, consistent attendance provides students with the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging and form positive relationships and connections with their teachers and peers.

There has recently also been an increase in students arriving late to school each day. Punctual attendance minimises disruptions to daily classroom routines and shows respect for the learning process, oneself and others. Students who arrive on time can prepare themselves well for the day, greet and connect with their friends and organise their equipment before going to class. All classes begin the day with pastoral time and important routines that help them settle into their learning – the attendance roll is marked, classes pray together, and the plan for the day is outlined for students.

Parents are asked to consider the following:

  • When possible, book medical and other appointments outside of school hours.
  • Book family holidays during the Meriden school holidays. The dates are released at least twelve months in advance and can be found on the school’s website.
  • Prioritise arriving at school by 8:20am each morning. Tips for establishing routines to help can be found here.
  • When students are sick, they need to stay at home and recover. However, it is important they are only away on the days they are sick and return to school once they have recovered.