Mrs Chilton
Head of Student Wellbeing

Year 7 Peer Support Program

This term, our Year 10 students have been leading the Year 7 Peer Support Program to help the Year 7 cohort continue to transition well into high school. The Year 10 students have run three sessions this term, where they have spent time getting to know the Year 7 girls, running games, answering questions, and providing copious amounts of sugary treats to share! It has been a joy walking around the School during these pastoral sessions and seeing how the Year 10 students have taken this opportunity to lead their younger peers. We highly value opportunities like this to cultivate “vertical” relationships between the girls across the School. Well done, girls!

Student Christian Group Fuel Camp

Over the long weekend, many students participated in the annual SCG Fuel Camp with students from Trinity Grammar School. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls who attended to spend time exploring questions about their faith and to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus.

At Meriden, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of students spending time engaging with the Christian worldview. The gospel message offers peace in times of trial and a sure and certain hope. Fuel Camp provides a fun and safe environment for the girls to wrestle with their biggest questions. Here is what some of the girls had to say about the camp:

“Leading a discussion group at Fuel Camp was an incredible opportunity. It was so rewarding to guide others as they learn to ‘walk in the light’ and grow in their own faith.” – Maisie Buckle, Year 11

“Fuel Camp has been a highlight of this year so far for me! I enjoyed gathering with other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to learn about our heavenly father.” – Lilian Steinwede, Year 8

“This year at Fuel Camp we learnt about how we should take joy in walking in fellowship with God and others through our study of 1, 2 and 3 John. It was especially encouraging to experience this personally with the Meriden girls and Trinity Grammar School boys as we spent the weekend together reflecting on His word, worshipping God through song and growing in our own faith journeys.” – Gracelyn Yu, Year 12