Mr Broadbent
Head of Teaching and Learning

I have a clear memory of my first visit to the Principal’s office at Meriden. The year was 2014, and my wife and I sat nervously with our young daughter. We had heard good things about Meriden, and we were discussing the possibility of our daughter coming to the school. My focus in this meeting was quite narrow. I wanted the best for my daughter, and our goal was to identify a learning environment that would bring out the best in her. An offer for my daughter was forthcoming, and we began our journey as the parents of a Meriden girl.

Earlier this year, I again found myself in the Principal’s office. This time, I was by myself, and Mrs Lisa Brown sat in the place once occupied by Dr Julie Greenhalgh. The focus was not on the needs of one girl but on the needs of all the girls at Meriden. What can Meriden do to create the best learning experience for the next generation of Meriden girls? Sometime after this meeting, there was another offer, not for my daughter, but for me. Was I interested in taking up the position of Head of Teaching and Learning at Meriden? While the opportunity to shape my own daughter’s high school experience had now passed, I was excited about the chance to help the next generation of Meriden girls.

I can see many challenges ahead. The educational landscape has changed significantly since that first meeting in 2014. Technology has changed, and schools are trying to determine how to respond to the rapid advances in things like generative artificial intelligence. Closer to home, New South Wales has begun one of the most significant changes in the curriculum in decades, and these changes will begin rolling out in 2024. A quick glance around the campus reveals other challenges as we prepare our campus infrastructure for the learning needs of the future. These matters and many others will be the subject of coming newsletters.

Whatever the future may hold, I believe now, as I did in 2014, that Meriden is a place that helps young women excel. My prayer is that in all of this, we will work hard to ensure that our girls and their needs remain at the forefront of all that we do.