Mr Loane
Head of Campus

On Wednesday 29 May, the next Amadeus Recital will take place in Wallis Auditorium from 6:00pm. The whole Meriden community is invited to hear some of our talented musicians play their amazing repertoire. After a successful Music Camp at the end of Week 2, the vast number of girls involved in the various music ensembles are looking forward to making music and competing in their respective categories in the Sydney Eisteddfod, held over Weeks 6 and 7.

Several competitive cocurricular events have begun this term, including Archdale (IGSA) Debating, Chess, da Vinci Decathlon and Theatresports. It is encouraging to see many girls participating and learning in these varied disciplines.

The Year 9 Father and Daughter Dinner takes place on Friday 31 May at Waterview in Bicentennial Park. This annual event promises to be an enjoyable opportunity for our community to come together. The P and F hosted a Mother’s Day Breakfast recently, which was a great morning of celebration and thanks. Photos taken from the event have been printed and will be delivered to the girls. The P and F also have their next monthly meeting on Monday 3 June from 6:00pm in the Boardroom; all members of the Meriden community are invited to come along.

We recently conducted the NSW Health School Vaccination program for Year 7. This was our second day of vaccinations, covering Years 7 and 10. The girls bravely received their vaccinations.

Planning for a number of tours is underway, including France, Japan and Spain for language students in select year groups. The Sports Department will also run tours to Canberra for Football, the Gold Coast for Athletics and New Zealand for Water Polo. A Year 11 cultural immersion to the Northern Territory is also scheduled for July. It is exciting for the school to organise these tours and give girls these fantastic opportunities. The learning and experience gained, especially of knowing and developing oneself, makes these tours highly valuable.