Facilities and Services

Meriden holds proudly to its history, thriving in a long-established garden that has been a calming influence throughout the school since 1897.

To the beautiful setting and historic buildings have been added the technology and facilities of today – purpose-built classrooms, tennis courts, a swimming pool, performing arts venues and so much more, to ensure students grow and thrive while appreciating the past, looking to the future and embracing change. While our school takes pride in continually upgrading our physical facilities, it is the people who come to teach, learn, explore and play that make our school unique.

Meriden comprises three adjacent campuses: Lingwood (Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten), Junior School (Years 1 - 6) and Senior School (Years 7 - 12). Each campus is just a short stroll from the others, and this close proximity fosters a special sense of community and school pride across all age groups at Meriden.

The Lingwood campus was completely renovated in 2019 to create a colourful and sensory environment especially designed for the education of four and five-year-olds. In addition to spacious and light-filled classrooms equipped with the latest technology, Lingwood has its own library, art rooms, outdoor learning areas, extensive playground and ample shaded areas.

The Junior School campus is a hive of activity for girls in Years 1 to 6. The campus features modern, light-filled classrooms, a state-of-the-art library and a dedicated language centre, as well as a music centre, gymnasium and auditorium. Our students utilise the swimming pool and tennis courts on the Senior School campus. The Junior School is set on expansive lawns that come alive during recess, lunch, physical education and sport.

Approximately 850 students enjoy learning in our Senior School which has a science wing, library and research centre, maths learning centre, performing arts studio, maker space, design and creative arts wing, pottery studio, sports centre, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis, netball and basketball courts, lecture theatre and auditorium. The Senior School campus has large, landscaped grounds with gardens and shaded areas.

The Meriden Tennis and Music Academies are open to all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

The school’s many concerts, musical productions and drama performances take place in Wallis Auditorium.

Meriden provides a superb teaching and learning environment with the full range of facilities and resources to cater for all areas of study and interests. Our specialist ICT Department upgrades and maintains the school’s multifaceted technology infrastructure and provides a Helpdesk for students and staff.