The Junior and Senior School Canteens offer a wide range of healthy, seasonal foods and beverages. A range of gluten-free foods are also available for both Senior and Junior Schools as a lunch order only. 

An online ordering system is available for parents through our Flexischools system. This system allows parents to place and pay for lunch orders from a home computer or mobile device. To register for Flexischools, visit  It only takes a minute to set up an online account and the system guides you through the ordering process. 

Cash purchases can be made at both Junior and Senior School canteens.  Senior School students may also purchase items using their Student Card.  The Student Card must have funds available at the time of purcase. To add funds to a Student Card visit the Flexischools site.

Junior School Canteen

Students in Years 1 to 6 may purchase items such as snacks and beverages from the canteen at recess or lunchtime.  Cash must be used for these transactions.

The following options are available for lunch orders for students in Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6:

  • online by 9am through our Flexischools system
  • place the order and payment in the basket, located in each classroom, at the beginning of the day

Orders are filled and returned to the classroom by lunchtime. 

Senior School Canteen

The Senior School Canteen serves breakfast from 7.30am and is open after school until 4pm on Wednesdays to cater for students who wish to purchase snacks prior to cocurricular activities or study.

In the Senior School, students are encouraged to pre-order their lunches, however, meals can also be purchased from the Canteen at lunchtime. The options for lunch orders in Senior School are:

  • online by 9am through our Flexischools system
  • at the canteen before school commences or at lunchtime using cash or her Student Card


The Canteens are managed by Bon Appetit Catering, a family-run business with over fifteen years’ experience in the industry. They are a member of the NSW Healthy Canteens Association.

Download the menus:
Junior School Menu and Price List
Senior School Menu and Price List
Gluten-Free Menu and Price List