Senior Academic Staff 2022

Principal Dr Julie Greenhalgh
Chaplain Reverend Clayton Moss
Head of Operations Mr Richard Arkell
Junior School  
Head of Junior School Dr Michele Benn
Dean of Academic Care Mrs Cath Evans
Dean of Curriculum Mrs Fiona Elliott
Dean of Staff Mrs Tracey Gibson
Dean of STEM Mrs Elizabeth Betbeder
Senior School  
Head of Campus Mrs Lisa Brown
Head of Student Wellbeing Mrs Jessica Chilton
Head of Teaching and Learning Mrs Christine Kenny
Dean of Academic Care Ms Sascha Bass
Dean of Assessment and Reporting  Mrs Nicole Hearne
Dean of Community Learning Mrs Vanessa Kirollos
Dean of Lateral Learning Ms Priscilla Curran
Dean of Staff Ms Vicki Sheehan
Dean of Student Involvement Mr Richard Hughes
Dean of Studies Mr Richard Loane

Junior School Coordinators

Pre-Kindergarten Mrs Katherin Margiankakos
Kindergarten Mrs Robynne Ronning
Stage 1 Mrs Krystle Thao
Stage 2 Ms Lillian Wassef
Year 5 Miss Irene Gabra
Year 6 Mrs Jennifer Wong
Cocurricula Mrs Tracey Gibson
Languages Mme Emmeline Parent
Learning Support  Mrs Frances Rupolo
Music Ms Melinda Bryant
Sport Miss Belinda Wilsher

Senior School Year Coordinators

Year 7 Ms Michelle Montgomery
Year 8 Mrs Julie Shannon
Year 9 Miss Ji Mee Lee
Year 10 Miss Charlotte Richards
Year 11 Mr Ron Gordon
Year 12 Mr Jonathan Eloff

Senior School Heads of Academic Departments

Applied Science Mrs Rikki McMillan
Christian Education Rev Brie Pattison
Design and Creative Arts (Acting)    Mr Ian Randall
English Mr Tim Archer
History Mrs Cheryl O'Loan
Languages Mrs Francoise Reeves-Smith
Mathematics Ms Svetlana Onisczenko
Performing Arts Ms Jodie Spooner-Ryan
Science (Acting) Mrs Alexandra Phillips
Social Science Miss Anita Kondichetty

Specialist Areas

Academic Support Mrs Joanne Spanos
Music (Pre-Kindergarten - 12) Ms Jodie Spooner-Ryan
Olympus Programs         Mr Ryan Richards
Sport (Years 3 - 12) Mr Adam Raw
Tertiary and Careers
(Senior School)
Ms Fiona D’Souza
Mrs Lisa Hales

Senior School Coordinators of
Learning Links

Gifted and Talented Dr Phoebe Poon
Global Outlook Mr Kuhan Rajalingam
Literary Engagement Ms Katie Bowie
Research and Critical Thinking Dr Jocelyn Laurence
Speech Miss Charlotte Green
STEM Ms Ingrid Schwartz