The Meriden Vision

When girls graduate from Meriden at the end of Year 12, they take with them the skills and attributes to make a positive difference to their world – a fast-moving world filled with uncertainty and complexity, a world where relationships need to be enhanced and nurtured.

In order to be well-equipped to cope with and contribute to this world we want Meriden girls to become:

  • Confident, articulate and responsible leaders
  • Aspiring and academic achievers
  • Well-informed and critical thinkers
  • Well-rounded and resilient team-players
  • Creative innovators and collaborative problem-solvers
  • Compassionate, healthy and optimistic global citizens
  • Women of integrity, appreciative of the Christian faith.

In order to help Meriden girls to develop into women with these skills and attributes, we want to enable the girls to:

  • Speak with Understanding through learning opportunities to think deeply and laterally, master complex issues and concepts, become cognisant of current political, societal and environmental issues, and articulate learning in an environment where cognitive risk-taking and challenge are encouraged.
  • Speak with Confidence through opportunities for leadership and the setting and attainment of personal goals, as well as recognition for achievements.
  • Speak with Compassion through opportunities for service and increased global awareness, in an environment of inclusion and gratitude.
  • Speak with Creativity through opportunities for the development of varied interests and talents, in an environment where diversity is encouraged and valued.
  • Speak with Hope through opportunities for healthy living, a deep personal faith and the development of resilience in a safe environment of joy, wonder and optimism.

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