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Meriden comprises three adjacent campuses - Prep School, Junior School (K - 6) and Senior School (7 - 12). The close proximity of the three campuses fosters a special sense of community and school pride across all age groups at Meriden. Click here to view a site plan

Facilities such as the state-of-the-art performing arts venue named Blackman Auditorium (see photos below), and the magnificent Wallis Hall which features a chapel annexe, are utilised by students from Prep to Year 12. 

Prep School
Up to to 60 students are introduced to Meriden in the Prep School which is accommoated in Lingwood House, a Federation building set in beautiful gardens.  The Prep School has extensive soft fall play areas and two main teaching areas – the Federation house and an adjacent building. 

Junior School
The Junior School campus accommodates approximately 300 girls from Kindergarten to Year 6.  Two exciting building developments were recently completed on this campus:  a state-of-the-art library and a dedicated language centre.  

These new resources complement the school’s extensive facilities which include light-filled, flexible classrooms, small group rooms, computing centres, dedicated rooms for learning enrichment programs, art and drama, a music centre, gymnasium and auditorium.

A special feature of the Junior School campus is the expansive lawns which are well-utilised by the students at recess, lunchtime and during PE and sports.  A swimming pool and tennis courts are located on the Senior School campus.

Senior School
The Senior School campus accommodates approximately 500 girls and includes a Science wing, Computing Centre, Maths Learning Centre, Music Academy, Performing Arts studio, a Design and Technology wing and a Pottery Studio.    The magnificent heritage Wallis Building contains the Hudson Library and Resource Centre and an Assembly Hall with chapel annexe.  Year 12 students have their own common room.

The Senior School campus has a swimming pool, three tennis courts, a gymnasium and a grassed field known as Selbourne. 

Sports carnivals for Senior School students are held at Olympic Park.  Meriden has three buses which are used to transport students to sporting venues.

The Senior School campus utilises state-of-the-art technology to keep students informed of daily activities.  Rolling notices are displayed on digital screens in key locations. 

Students have ready access to computers located in several areas of the school including the library which is open before and after school.

Meriden's sophisticated intranet, eCentral, provides students, parents and staff with up-to-date information about school activities.  It also provides access to a wealth of educational resources.   Students and staff have remote access to the school's computer network via eCentral, giving them the flexibility to connect to their work from home or any other location that has internet access.