Performing Arts

The many oppportunities in Performing Arts in the Senior School include:

  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre
  • Speech
  • School Musicals and Drama Productions
  • Theatresports

As well as offering Drama as an elective subject in Years 9 – 12, girls may take part in the biannual musical and other smaller, and more frequent, dramatic productions. Theatresports is also a popular cocurricular activity at Meriden.

In Year 8, girls have the option of choosing the elective Musical Theatre. This elective teaches girls how to put on a production on the stage, including areas such as lighting, sound and choreography. The girls culminate their studies in this elective by staging a production.

The annual Festival of Speech gives Meriden girls an opportunity to compete against other schools in public speaking. Comprehensive training is provided to students in preparation for this important competition.

Dance lessons, covering a range of dance styles, are available for Junior and Senior School students outside of school hours.

The Meriden Music Academy offers private speech and drama tuition for those students who wish to attain formal qualifications in this area.