Meriden is a school that equips students to achieve their potential and develop the skills and qualities required for independent, life-long learning. Our students are taught to be flexible thinkers, creative problem-solvers and skilled communicators.

From their earliest years at Meriden, students are challenged, supported and inspired to achieve their full potential. They are given opportunities to extend themselves in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the performing arts and in a myriad of other activities. All students are encouraged to participate in Meriden’s vast array of cocurricular activities. The size of our school ensures that every girl has the opportunity to try new pursuits, to be part of a team and to make new friends.

Through special academic enrichment programs, we extend and challenge very able students as well as giving support to those requiring additional assistance. Dedicated, creative and enthusiastic teaching helps our girls achieve personal goals and academic success, while experiencing the rewards of being curious, thinking creatively, using initiative and exploring ideas.

Performance and wellbeing are carefully monitored.

Developing a broad, international outlook is built into all areas of learning from as early as Kindergarten. An understanding of other people and other cultures prepares our students to live and work in the global community of the future.

Teaching and Learning Framework

The framework for teaching and learning at Meriden is The Fidelis Model. It is student-centred and based upon best educational practice.

The Fidelis Model was developed at Meriden by the school’s senior staff to facilitate broad, enriching and holistic educational programs and activities for students across the entire school. It provides the framework for:  

  • Christian Foundations:  Building strong faith
  • Knowledge and Understanding:   Inspiring young minds
  • Learning Practices:  Equipping life-long learners
  • Capabilities:  Developing global citizens
  • Attitudes and Values:  Nurturing spirited hearts