Caring for our Students

Kindness, sharing and helping others are values that are fostered at Meriden. Students are motivated to interact in a positive way and participate within their peer groups with respect and care. Meriden's Pre-Kindergarten provides a secure environment in which children can build their confidence and independence and develop positive attitudes to learning.

A love of learning is encouraged by engaging the children’s minds in activities that are rich in content and relevant to their daily lives.

Each child is recognised as an individual and invited to apply his or her current knowledge and skills to the activities presented. Students are motivated to move forward one step at a time, as they develop cognitive and perceptual skills. Activities are planned to emphasise the process rather than the product, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The Pre-Kindergarten teachers welcome the uniqueness of each student’s family background. The educational program caters for individual differences including those of home background and cultural differences.