Information technology and the resources it provides have become powerful learning tools as well as a creative medium.

Information and communication technologies are integrated into all areas of study at Meriden. From Prep to Year 12, technology is used as a tool to aid learning and emphasis is placed on the development of skills in using, evaluating and acknowledging information collected through technology.

Technology at Meriden is used to encourage the girls to be skilled communicators, flexible and creative thinkers, resourceful and discerning learners, responsible and well-informed global citizens. These skills and characteristics are consistent with The Fidelis Model, the Teaching and Learning Framework at Meriden. Technology is used to enhance learning by:

  • providing the girls with ready access to information which is comprehensive, authentic and up-to-date
  • enabling the girls to evaluate, manipulate and present their information in an effective way
  • enhancing the virtual communication skills of the girls
  • developing the girls’ critical literacy skills and ICT skills in order to better prepare them for life after school
  • promoting the global outlook of the girls
  • enhancing the citizenship of the girls
  • engaging the girls in their learning through the use of contemporary and familiar means.

Hardware and Infrastructure

The technology hardware and infrastructure at Meriden are multifaceted, comprehensive and appropriate. They include:

  • desktops with specialised programs such as the Adobe Suite for subjects such as Visual Arts, and Design and Technology
  • banks of laptops which provide mobile access to the internet and student work from any classroom
  • banks of tablets which are available for use by all departments as an interactive research tool
  • computer laboratories in the School’s libraries
  • individual laptops for use by Senior students during their study periods
  • electronic whiteboards in classrooms which provide interactive teaching and learning to the classrooms
  • sophisticated multimedia equipment and facilities for electronic publication, photography and editing
  • video conferencing facilities
  • an impressive broadband connection and wireless network
  • a multitude of learning software, resources, applications and reference CDs.


Meriden's sophisticated intranet system, eCentral, provides students, parents and staff with up-to-date information about school activities.

eCentral's vast store of information includes daily notices, calendars, upcoming events, newsletters, school policies and guidelines, Saturday Sports venues, cocurricular information and links to bus and train timetables. It also contains student-specific information such as individual class timetables, subject information, assessment schedules, homework resources, useful websites and access to Meriden's e-library catalogue. Students and staff have remote access to the school's computer network via eCentral, giving them the flexibility to connect to their work from home or any other location that has internet access.


Daily notices for Years 7 - 12 students are displayed on digital screens throughout the Senior School campus. At Meriden, this state-of-the-art technology system is known as eNews.