Meriden student selected for National Youth Science Forum

16 October 2015

Each year the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) brings together the best and brightest Science students from across the country to inspire their pursuit of scientific careers.

A Year 11 student from Meriden, Maddison King, has earned a place amongst this elite group for the 2016 NYSF. Maddison is one of only 400 students chosen from across Australia to attend forum sessions at the Australian National University, Canberra, in January 2016.

The NYSF has been in operation for thirty years. Its aim is to nurture and encourage young Australians to be the next generation of leading scientists and engineers supporting a sustainable future for Australia. Its focus is on assisting those students who are moving into Year 12 and wish to follow careers in science, engineering and technology by introducing them to research and researchers and by fostering discussion of, and interest in, major national and global issues.

The forum provides an opportunity for students to experience science and its applications on a broad scale. The sessions offer participants a mix of laboratory visits at universities and industrial research facilities, as well as the opportunity to meet with and talk to leaders from the scientific world.

"I have loved science since primary school, and my passion has grown and developed during my time at Meriden. This has, in turn, prompted my applying for selection to the National Youth Science Forum, and which I will now fortunately be attending in January. Science is an amazing area because there is such a variety of ways that the different fields can be applied. I'm really looking forward to identifying how I can incorporate science with my other passions: sustainability and design," Maddison said.